Malum Applications & Applications-B – Main VR Partners

VR Virtual

VR VirtualWork Simulator

Your name is Phil, and your main goal is to help the customers in the supermarket. Challenge yourself and complete different tasks. The game can be played using a VR headset, or using mobile controls, so every user who interested in our game can play it. Every customer needs assistance, and you have to search the supermarket and find the customers, so they can give you tasks. Catch a rat, change rotten pizzas for example. Many things to do. Make sure that every customer is satisfied with your job.

VR Heights

VR HeightsPhobia

Complete missions and face with your phobias in the world of VR. Use your own body to move around in the 3D world, bounce your head up and down, and your avatar will move forward. Experience the scary feeling of heights in 3 different locations. Feel the thrill while standing in a bungee jumping elevator, or step on thin planks in a modern city or in a forest with mountains. Every movement you make is tracked with your phone gyroscope in order to get a realistic, satisfying experience. You can play the game with every compatible VR headset.

Besker Games – Main Free Roam Games

Steal 'N

Steal 'NLoot

Steal and sell the loot, this is your main goal in our game. Reach the highest level and be the master thief! Experience the intense feeling of stealing and lurk in the shadows to find the most valuable items. You will need a plan, to be successful. Unlock skills like safe cracking, lock picking, car stealing, drone control skill. Use a driller to unlock a safe. Use the lock pick tool to get in to every house, but don't worry if you don't have a lock pick tool you can still buy yourself a glass cutter, you can find many way for home invasion. Buy a drone, and use it to discover every possibility. Upgrading your equipment is unavoidable, collect items and sell them at the pawn shop, there's always someone, who needs something! Drive a car, and use it to steal the biggest items like TV, paintings. People are suspicious, they're protecting their valuables, make sure you watch out to their field of view because if they spot you they will call the police, police can easily find you. Hide in the dumpsters to avoid any trouble. Many things to do!